Diaprints, by artist Fred Harper freelancer for Marvel and DC Comic
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Fred Harper Art

Harper Art Cell Phone Covers $40

Diaprints has teamed up with Artist Fred Harper to bring you some of his original artwork. These pieces will be tailor fitted for cell phone covers allowing you to enjoy it wherever you go. These little gems are an affordable option to really enjoy some great art and will make for great conversation! There are five different originals to choose from.

About Fred Harper

Fred Harper grew up in Erie, PA and attended The Columbus College of Art Design in Columbus, OH. graduating with a BFA in painting. Fred had humble beginnings doing caricatures at a well known amusement park and later progressed to painting murals with Modeworks of NYC. At Modeworks, Fred really refined his painting abilities while working alongside great artists from China, Russia, Poland, France and New York.


Fred also has a solid history doing freelance illustrations for Marvel and DC Comics and more recently, illustrating for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated and Playboy.


Fred enjoys the fact that he can make a living doing something he really loves doing, but especially loves that freelancing gives him the free time to pursue his passion in painting. Fred has many of his original pieces available for purchase and can even be commissioned to paint something for an individual client. You can visit www.fredharper.com for more information.


Fred’s art has touched so many along the way. Some of his favorite projects include an Art Fusion project with the world famous tattoo artist Paul Booth and also The Joe Bonham Project where he worked with other great illustrators like the late Jeff Fisher, Victor Juhasz, and Michael D Fay. He’s also worked on several of Herme’s window displays in both New York City and Chicago, a sixty foot long mural for the Manhattan Classic Car Club and key art for Ozz Fest ‘05 and ’06 just to name a few.

View Fred Harper Cell Phone Covers